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Custom Packaging Boxes Australia - Custom Printed Box Manufacturer & Supplier

Are you looking for custom printed boxes to make a statement and stand out from your competitors? Then you have come to the right place. Our team is highly experienced, servicing customers around Australia and New Zealand wide, our knowledge and skill for design and execution of custom printed boxes is what sets us apart.

Having personalised packaging for your products will certainly help to enhance your brand exposure, ensuring you are easily recognised within your market. A unique custom designed printed box with our high-quality printing is the perfect packaging solution for your customer.

We understand that items are different and not one size fits all. You may require a small custom box, a custom tray box or even a custom pillow box, you will be happy to know we have a vast number of styles for you to choose from.

Whether you require unique custom boxes for the retail sector, beverage or food, cosmetics and beauty, or pharmaceutical, we can help. We have helped various industries with custom boxes in New Zealand and of course provided custom made boxes and printing services Australia wide.

At Vivo Boxes we strive to deliver you the most reliable service in the industry, we understand the need for attention to detail as our custom box printing packaging is a reflection on your brand.

Custom cardboard boxes and unique custom box printing services require high-tech equipment as well as a skilled team to implement all the correct specifications to ensure your bespoke cardboard box is just right.

Simply upload your fonts and graphics via our website and let us produce a seamless service with on time delivery. Our high-quality printing expands further than just a simple logo, give us a call to discuss the possibilities of our box printing services. Having trouble deciding what you are after? Send us an enquiry or give us a call. We are your most-trusted box manufacturer, and our expert and friendly team are here to assist you with custom packaging and custom packaging printing.


Looking for a quality box manufacturer that can help you get your product to market? Look no further than Vivo Boxes. We have years of experience manufacturing boxes of all shapes and sizes, and we can work with you to create a custom solution that meets your needs. Plus, our team is passionate about providing excellent customer service, so you can be sure you’re in good hands. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services!

Vivo Boxes caters to all types of unique custom and bespoke box manufacture, design and printing. No matter what specifications you require, our team can help you make your custom packaging a reality. When it comes to all packaging solutions Australia and New Zealand wide, we can help. From product launches, displays, to fragile packaging, you are in total control, our cardboard boxes are 100% customisable

At Vivo Boxes we cater to all facets of custom packaging, some of what we offer are clear window boxes to showcase your products inside, printed paper bags, custom printed shopping bags, mailing boxes Australia and of course to mailing boxes to cater for New Zealand.

We aim to provide our clients with cost-effective custom packaging solutions Australia and New Zealand wide, be it a big printed box or a small carton, we offer very competitive pricing. Why wait to experience the difference at Vivo Boxes, the elegant styles and clear quality printing we deliver set us apart of our competitors, and unique custom box design and printing will set you apart from yours.


Food Grade Packaging

Our packaging is so good it will protect your product and keep it fresh.

Environment Friendly

With an eye towards sustainability, we are constantly innovating to create eco-friendly packaging. This is the only way forward to curb material waste from landfills and maintain a green environment for future generations! Stand up pouches are a great format for using recyclable or compostable materials where applicable.

Custom Packaging

Stand-up pouches are great for a variety of products such as cosmetics, pet food, or even snacks. Pouch packaging provides an alternative to box packing and can be designed with many different features like zip locks, spouts etc.

The best part about stand-up pouch packs is that they provide space saving solutions in addition to the standard benefits of easy handling and optimum protection!

Space Efficient

The popular choice for retail shelf displays, this carrier is an excellent investment as it saves on storage costs due to its compact size when not in use. It also increases visibility of products at eye level while reducing clutter from competing goods that are below or above it on display shelves.

Save time and energy with our bestselling product – the self-standing pouch! This nifty little container holds all sorts of items securely without requiring any installation hardware like shelving units or hooks because they simply stand up themselves! You can put anything inside these pouches: clothes, shoes, hats; whatever you need to keep safe but out of sight until you are ready for them again! Once folded

Stand Up Pouches

Stand-Up Pouches are a sturdy and attractive way to package food products. They can be hand packaged with either equipment like bar or foot heat sealers, which makes them easy for small companies without expensive machinery, but they also work well in more automated production lines that include sealing stations built into the line itself. The oval gusset at the bottom makes it possible to pack items of any size while still maintaining stability thanks not only its shape but also due to how flexible and light weight these pouches are!

Stand-up Pouch is an aptly named packaging format providing functionality ideal for shelf display: upright “standing” packages create excellent presentation opportunities where customers will find your product most easily on store shelves (or anywhere else!)

For years, preservation of your product has been a challenge. Is it worth the hassle? Vivo Boxes provides state-of-the art production capability to make sure that you can preserve and protect at its best with custom printed stand-up pouches for each customized need including substrate options like paperboard or foil laminate materials which provide optimum barrier from oxygen and water vapour transmission; helping achieve shelf life goals while maintaining great design aesthetics.

Having the option of using different types of plastic films creates endless possibilities for product packaging. With three main categories including BOPP, PET and PE (polyethylene) there are many options to choose from when looking into what material will best fit your company’s needs.

Our products are designed to be user-friendly and convenient. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, colours & finishes to suit your needs as well as the environment you are selling them in!


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