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Buy Product Packaging Boxes at Budget Prices

Are you looking for different types of innovative and unique box packaging design ideas in Australia? Look no further than VIVO BOXES PRINTING. 

Our custom box design will set your product apart and make you stand out from the crowd. The quality box styles we make are what make our company the home of ground-breaking customized packaging Australia. If customized bags and boxes are all you are looking for, VIVO BOXES PRINTING will provide you with the best box packaging design ideas to choose from.

We Also Manufacture Custom Packaging Boxes

When it comes to VIVO BOXES PRINTING in Australia, we are no match. We are the leader in box design templates and manufacturer and wholesaler of custom box design products.

Reasons to choose us for your box design templates and as your packaging partner:

  1. Ground-breaking and customized box packaging solutions
  2. You can buy product packaging boxes at affordable prices
  3. We are a One Stop Packaging Solutions Provider
  4. Matchless Customer Satisfaction
  5. Worldwide Order Fulfillment


The following are the box styles we make at VIVO PACKAGING PTY LTD:

    1. Code VB112: Tuck Top and Auto Bottom Box with Lock
    2. Code VB113: Tuck Top and Auto Bottom Box
    3. Code VB114: Tuck Top and 1-2-3 Bottom Box with Lock
    4. Code VB301: Tray and Sleeve
    5. Code VB111: Straight Tuck end Box
    6. Code VB109: Seal End with Tear Open Box
    7. Code VB107: Seal End Hanger Box
    8. Code VB108: Seal End Box with Tear Open and Auto Bottom
    9. Code VB105: Seal End Box Auto Bottom
    10. Code VB106: Seal End Box
    11. Code VB603: Header Card
    12. Code VB604: Paper Insert
    13. Code VB104: Reverse Tuck End Box
    14. Code VB103: Reverse Tuck End Box with Lock
    15. Code VB204: Gable Box Tuck in Bottom
    16. Code VB202: Gable Auto Bottom
    17. Code VB203: Gable Box 1-2-2 Bottom
    18. Code VB602: Four Corner with Display Lid
    19. Code VB601: Four Corner Cake Box
    20. Code VB501: Foot Lock Tray
    21. Code VB102: Five Panel Hanger Box
    22. Code VB401: Double Wall Tray and Lid
    23. Code VB110: 1-2-3 Bottom Hanger Box
    24. Code VB201: Cake Box
    25. Code VB801: Define Your Own Box Style
    26. Code VB605: Half Box / Holster Box
    27. Code VB606: Trapezoidal Box
    28. Code VB607: Envelop Box with Lock
    29. Code VB608: Paper Sleeve
    30. Code VB609: Gusset Bag Style Box

The Industries We Serve

VIVO BOXES PRINTING has a wide range of packaging products which guarantees that we provide an absolute solution all over numerous industries such as the following:

      • Cosmetic and Beauty
      • Pharmaceutical
      • Beverage
      • Retail
      • FMCG
      • Food Service
      • and lots more

Visit our website at and browse the box styles we make or call us on +613 8795 7742 or contact us at

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