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Custom Tray Boxes Manufacturer & Wholesaler

Choosing the right packaging for your brand or product is quite imperative, regardless of what you are selling. The foot lock tray from VIVO BOXES PRINTING is one of the Trays used for packaging beverage bottles, medical items, beer bottles, retail products such as apparels and toys.

We are a one stop destination where you can buy tray shaped packaging boxes at cheap prices. We have been supplying Tray Boxes to numerous businesses and individuals all over Australia.

The notable success we have accomplished in the packaging industry in a short period as a custom Tray boxes wholesaler and Tray boxes manufacturer was as a result of hard work and premium customer care.

VIVO BOXES PRINTING as a tray boxes manufacturer is second to none when it comes to helping our committed clients with all their packaging endeavors.

VIVO BOXES PRINTING is the foremost and established packaging Australia Tray Boxes company serving thousands of clients for short and commercial runs. We are professional in manufacturing Trays and we have many years of packaging experience required for offering what your business deserves. As the a highly qualified boxes manufacturer, we guarantee that your products will stand out from the crowd.

Our Tray Boxes are Amazing

Trays from VIVO BOXES PRINTING are amazing ways to package your products. Our Foot Lock Tray with Code Number VB501 is fantastic enough to package your products in an attractive way. If you need just one Tray boxes wholesaler in Australia, let it be VIVO BOXES PRINTING. We are a well-known Custom Tray Boxes Manufacturer.

Visit our website at and browse our catalogue. For more information about our Tray Boxes, contact us on +613 8795 7742 or Email VIVO BOXES PRINTING at

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