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We know how important it is for a brand to have a good packaging design. What you use to deliver your product can make the difference between your success or going unnoticed, especially if it is launched into world of beauty. If you are looking for a cute and attractive box for nail polish, VIVO BOXES PRINTING is ideal for you.

It is a company that distinguishes itself by offering excellent services of creation and design of packages for a great variety of items, all of them with the purpose of fulfilling every detail and requirement that the client requires. We are recognized in all corners of Australia and our goal is to adjust to what you need in order to provide the best services and an unforgettable shopping experience.


We offer a big catalog of boxes patterns so our client’s have the opportunity to choose the one that fits them the best. All of our products are aimed to fulfill your requirements by giving you the possibility of acquiring full-personalized printing services in Australia.

VIVO BOXES PRINTING is characterized by allowing its customers to create 100% customizable packages. Thus, each nail polish box can be adapted in size, shape, color and design according to the product specifications. The company spares no effort in the manufacture of its packaging, so you will get excellent and high quality results, supported by the dedication and care it puts at your disposal.


It’s customized boxes and impeccable finishes that makes VIVO BOXES a leading company in the packaging market. Our nail polish boxes are not only made of quality materials, but also have unique and creative designs that will stand out everything you have to offer.

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