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Wholesaler of Custom Perfume Boxes

Perfumes are a mixture of aroma compounds or fragrant essential oils. When perfume is applied on the body or living space, it offers an agreeable scent. Before now, perfume normally came in liquid to present satisfying scent on the body.

However, the new age perfumes are now in attractive delicate spray bottles that need protective perfume boxes for their onward transit and sale.

Manufacturer of Bespoke Perfume Boxes

VIVO BOXES PRINTING perfume boxes manufacturer offers eye-catching bespoke perfume boxes to exhibit and promote your personal care products in the presence of your clients.

VIVO BOXES PRINTING is a one stop destination for manufacturing of custom perfume boxes that make your scented liquid bottles to be attractive to customers and even perfect to be presented as a gift.

Why perfume Boxes Produced by VIVO BOXES PRINTING

The answer is simple. Our bespoke perfume boxes will help your product stand out from the crowd and ultimately beat your competition. 

In addition, when it comes to high quality, efficient, and attractive packaging boxes in Australia, we are your best packaging partner. We are tested, tried and trusted to be one of the best perfume boxes manufacturers by our loyal customers. 

Contact VIVO BOXES PRINTING wholesaler of custom perfume boxes on (03) 8795 7742 or email us at and for assistance or more information about boxes and printing services, visit

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