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Affordable Range of Straight Line Boxes

Turn to VIVO BOXES PRINTING for high quality straight line boxes manufacturing and printing services. As a straight line boxes manufacturer, we accept custom orders. As a renowned and innovative firm for straight line boxes printing, you are assured of quality custom straight line boxes for your business.

Our Straight Line Boxes

At VIVO BOXES PRINTING we have an affordable range of straight line boxes including the following:

  1. Code VB110: 1—2-3 Bottom Hanger Box
  2. Code VB101: Auto Bottom Hanger Box
  3. Code VB102: Five Panel Hanger Box
  4. Code VB104: Reverse Tuck End Box
  5. Code VB108: Seal End Box with Tear Open and Auto Bottom
  6. Code VB105: Seal End Box Auto Bottom
  7. Code VB106: Seal End Box
  8. Code VB103: Reverse Tuck End Box with Lock
  9. Code VB112: Tuck Top and Auto Bottom Box with Lock
  10. Code VB107: Seal End Hanger Box
  11. Code VB113: Tuck Top and Auto Bottom Box
  12. Code VB111: Straight Tuck End Box
  13. Code VB109: Seal End with Tear Open Box
  14. Code VB114: Tuck Top and 1-2-3 Bottom Box with Lock

Renowned Firm for Straight Line Boxes Printing

Our Vision

At VIVO BOXES PRINTING, our vision is to offer unique and extraordinary packaging solutions by leveraging adaptive, disruptive, and innovative business model.

To meet and surpass the expectations of our numerous clients in their straight line boxes needs at all times in order for us to be an indispensable straight line boxes manufacturer and packaging partner in the long run.

Our Mission

Our mission at VIVO BOXES PRINTING is to be a one-stop packaging solutions provider for the rigid and flexible packaging needs of all our loyal clients.

Our Values

Our core values are Innovation, Passion, and Professionalism as a custom straight line boxes and packaging company in the whole of Australia.

You don’t have to worry about the quality of our straight line boxes because we have specialized employees with many years experience in the packaging industry.

Do you need more information or help about our custom straight line boxes and other packaging products? Visit our website at or call us on +613 8795 7742. You can also email us at

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